The Sawyer Family

The Sawyer Family

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Zoe McCall Sawyer

Well our little girl is finally here. I feel like this pregnancy just kept going and going. It wasn't a hard pregnancy it just felt long through the summer and getting my due date pushed back 10 days.
This is me at 39 weeks 6 days the night before I went in to get induced.
I was supposed to go in on Wednesday to get started but the hospital was packed with girls having babies and they didn't have any delivery rooms available so they pushed me to Thursday morning. We went in at 7:30 Thursday morning and spent the next hour and a half getting checked in and all set up. The nurse hooked up the pitocin at 9:00 and contractions started soon after that. My doctor came in and broke my water around 10:30 and then shortly after that I got my epidural. I was nervous for the epidural this time because when I got it with Baylee it was pretty painful and that is what I remembered but the doctor that did it this time did much better at letting me know what was coming and it went in smoothly and with only a little pain compared to my last one. My nurse went out to go help with another delivery after I got my epidural at which time I was dilated to a 5. She was gone about 2 hours and came back in to see how I was doing. She checked and said I was ready to go. Ahhh, already!! I was in labor for 13 hours with Brody and about 9 with Baylee so when she said I was ready I was shocked. Dallas had gone home to check on the dog and so I called him and he didn't answer, I was so worried he was going to miss it. Finally I got a hold of him and he hurried back. The doctor came in while the nurses were getting everything set up and then When everything was set up I started pushing. About 5 minutes later Zoe was here. Wow! I was so surprised at how fast it went. I felt like I should still be sitting around waiting but there she was. 
 Zoe McCall Sawyer 
born September 16, 2010 at 1:52 p.m.
9 lbs. 4 oz.  21 inches long

Brody and Baylee were waiting in the hall with their Grandmas and they both got to come in and see their new little sister for a few minutes before the rest of the crowd came in. Brody was so excited to see and hold her. He climbed right up on my bed and held and kissed his little sister. He is such a good brother and will watch out for her.
Baylee was a little nervous when she saw the IV in my arm and wasn't to sure about sitting with me but once she saw that everything was okay she climbed up and took her turn holding her little sister. She sat there and kissed her head about a hundred times. She is so excited to have a sister to dress up with and can't wait until Zoe gets to sleep in her bedroom with her.
Dallas loves his new little girl so much. He loves to just hold her and smell her hair after it gets washed. He is a wonderful daddy and I love him so much.

Me and my baby girl after her bath. She has a head full of dark brown hair. We are not sure where she got all that hair  but she sure is pretty.

We are so happy to have Zoe in our lives. She has already added so much joy to our family we love her with all our hearts. Welcome to our family Zoe, Love you so much.

Our New Puppy

Meet Bauer, our new puppy. For quite a while now I have told Dallas that when we got a house we could get a dog. Well he took it very literally and decided that even though we were going to have a new baby within 2 weeks that it was time to get a puppy. He has been watching for the right one for weeks and finally found this black lab and went and picked him up.  So far he has been a pretty good dog. It will take some time for me to get used to having him around, I have never had a dog and I don't know anything about how to train them or anything so we will see how this goes. Brody and Baylee love him a nd were obsessed with carrying him around, being only 6 week old when we got him he was just their size. He is growing fast though and isn't so easy to carry now. He nips a lot so we are working on that but I think once he gets past that stage he will be a good dog.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Mini Golf

Well football season started with the annual fantasy football drafts which left me and the kids alone for Saturday night so I called up uncle Jake and aunt Audrey and we went mini golfing at boondocks. The kids had so much fun. Baylee had the funniest posture while trying to golf, you could tell it is her first time.
Brody did pretty good and he tied Audrey with his score which is really good since she is more than 3 times older than him.
I love this handsome guy, cutoff shirt and all.
Such a fun night.

Random Summer Pics

Well this summer has flown by and I have not done much blogging but I thought I better catch up a little before this baby comes so here are some random pics from our summer followed by about a hundred other posts from all the fun stuff we did this summer. Hopefully I will get some pics of the new house on here soon and then I will try to be better about doing posts when the new one gets here.

This is from our ward campout up by Morgan. The cabin was awesome and it was fun to go up and see our friends for a few hours. We didn't stay the night but we heard it was a lot of fun. Brody is getting pretty good at picture taking, that is about the only time I am in a picture anymore.
This is another pic at the campout. There was a lot of fun places to explore up there.
West Haven fireworks with some of our friends.
Brody hitching a ride with Grandpa I. at uncle Steve's Police Academy graduation.
Love you grandpa, so glad you are up and around again.
Brody and Baylee got new cowboy/girl boots from Grandpa and Grandpa. They had to dress up and show them off

Cousin #2 of the summer is Mason, I went up to see him in the hospital and the kids couldn't go so I just have a pic of him by himself. 
Brody holding his newest cousin and #3 of the summer, Wyatt. Getting some good practice in for when little sister gets here.
Baylee holding Wyatt. They both think these babies are so cute and they will be such a good big brother and sister.

Minute to Win It!

My sister Terra put together a fun date night for some friends and family. She told me that everyone was supposed to come up with a team name and dress up. Well I guess I was the only one that got that memo because we showed up all decked out and we were the only ones. ha ha Oh well it was fun anyway.
We ate dinner then played "Minute to Win It"
It was tons of fun. Dallas and I got 2nd place( I think we should have won by default since we were the only ones that dressed up) just kidding. Dallas got to do most of the games for our team but I helped out on some of them that were ok for my prego belly. We played lots of fun games.
Getting the paper bag from one side of the gym to the other without using your hands.
Putting cotton balls from one bowl to the other with vasaline on your nose.
Getting the cookies into their mouth without touching it was one of the funniest to watch.
Unrolling the toilet paper without ripping it. Such a fun idea! Thanks Terra for putting this together, it was tons of fun!

Swimming Lessons

Brody and Baylee both got to do swim lessons up at the Davis Rec. Center and they loved it. Their favorite part of class was at the end when the teacher played the crocodile game with them.
Such cute little swimmers all done with class for the day.
I had to sneak a picture during class. They did pretty good paying attention and doing what the teacher told them to do. Baylee doesn't like putting her face in the water much but she did good with the rest and Brody did really well. They both just need more water time to get more practice in then they will both get better. 
Both kids with their teacher after they finished up this level. They loved their teacher, she even made them bracelets.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Every year we go camping up in the Uinta mountains, it is something we look forward to every summer and we love it. We go hiking, fishing, shooting and anything else you can do in the mountains. This year was so much fun except for one day when Grandma B. fell and broke her ankle in 3 places, she had to go home and have surgery on it to get it all put back together. She was so tough, I think I would have been crying or at least a bit shaky but she just sat there while everyone got her loaded up in the car to go home. Love you grandma, glad you are going to be okay.
Brody and cousin Austin going fishing, these two are such good friends, they love hanging out together.
Thanks to grandma Valerie, Brody and Baylee were able to catch 1 fish this year. I never have much luck catching anything. These kids were terrified when they reeled the fish in, it was flopping all over the place and they wouldn't get near the thing until they were sure it was dead then they were happy as could be to have a fish for dinner. Brody said he liked fish but once we cooked it and he tried it he changed his mind. Baylee loved it and ate all her half. I am on Brody's side, yuck.
We do a pinata full of candy every year, this year it was a transformer pinata. We start at the youngest grandkid and go up until it breaks or everyone gets a turn. It didn't quite make it to me this year, darn. There are too many in line before us now and they are all big now so it doesn't take long to get it open.
Brody taking his turn! Baylee was ready for a nap and didn't want to have anything to do with it until the candy came out then she had to grab some of it. 
Last try at fishing before we had to pack up and leave. Some of the other cousins caught a fish or two but still no luck for us. What a fun camping trip! 

Bike Parade

We had a ward pancake breakfast and bike parade where the kids all got to decorate their bikes and scooters and ride behind a firetruck around the block. There were tons of kids there and they had so much fun. Baylee had to make sure she was stylin with her sunglasses, so fun I love this girl.
Brody wanted to ride his scooter so we got it all decked out and he had a blast riding with all the other kids.
After the ride the kids got to climb in the firetruck and explore a little bit.
They thought it was pretty cool.

Birthday Party

Brody and Baylee kind of shared the activity part of their birthdays this year. Brody wanted a motorcycle cake so I looked around for some ideas and put this fun cake together. I think the cakes are my favorite part of birthdays because I can make it just for them.                           
Brody was so excited to use his slip-and-slide
Baylee got a princess slip-and slide too.
All the big kids got to have fun in the slip-and slide action too. So much fun playing in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard. Happy Birthday Brody and Baylee, We love you both so much.

Brody's Birthday

Brody's birthday was inthe middle of the week this year so we let him open his presents from us and his grandparents that live in Colorado then he waited for others for his party. He was so excited to get a slip-and-slide!
He has been asking for a remote control car for weeks so he was thrilled when he got 2 of them from Grandma Diane and Grandpa Jon
He had to go right outside to try it out.
He wanted a cake on his birthday so I made a quick cake and put some candles on it so we could sing to him and blow out candles. He had such a fun day!