The Sawyer Family

The Sawyer Family

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Baby #3

Yeah we are going to have another baby in September. We anounced our news to our family on Sunday. Two weeks ago my sister announced that she was also expecting. When she told us she was wearing a shirt that said baby bump on it so we decided that we would have Dallas wear a shirt with the same thing on it. At first they all thought we were just teasing because Dallas has been jokingly telling everyone that we were pregnant for about 2 months so they all thought he was still joking around but when I told them that I really am they were all very excited. The best part is that I get to be pregnant with my sister and my sister in law. We are all due this summer and I think it will be fun to have 3 new babies in the family.

Birthday Party

Brody and Baylee got to go to their first Birthday Party(besides cousin parties) last week.
They had so much fun. It was a Rainbow party for a little girl in our ward. They had all kinds of colorful treats and played fun games.
Brody Loves cupcakes
He was trying to hit everyone with his party blower

Taking a shot at the pinata, he got some pretty good hits.

Baylee dumped the whole bowl of nerds on top of her cake and ice cream.
Of course she did not eat it all but can you say sugar high. She was loaded.

Making Fruit Loop necklaces

Baylee concentrating on her necklace.


Brody is in primary now! He loves that he gets to come to class with me now. I am in the presidency so when he found out that he gets to come to my class we was so excited. He loves being a sunbeam.

The first Saturday of January our primary had a meet your new teacher breakfast. Everyone got to come in their pajamas and we had a few activities with the classes. It was a very fun time and we had a great turn out. It helped so much on Sunday because the kids all knew where they were supposed to sit and the chaos wasn't as bad as it could have been with 100+ primary kids(30 of them were new sunbeams).

Brody sitting with his class after breakfast.

All the kids getting ready to watch a little movie about this years primary theme. Brody is sitting in the front.
On the first Sunday of January, Brody was very curious about everyone bearing their testimonies in sacrament meeting. He started asking me why they were all going up there and ended up begging to go bear his testimony. "please, please, please" he said. I tried to have him ask Dallas so I wouldn't have to go up with him, but he wanted me to take him up so Brody bore his testimony for the first time. It was very sweet and of course I ended up crying while I was trying to help him know what to say. He has such a great spirit with him and he always helps keep that spirit in our home. When he said amen and got down off the step, he looked up at me and said he wanted to do it again.
In Primary, he got to say the opening prayer. He loves getting up and talking in the microphone. It doesn't scare him at all. Hopefully that will stay with him and he won't inherit my nervousness about getting in front of people. I can't believe my little guy is already in primary. He is growing up so fast.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hogle Zoo

I have been wanting to take the kids to see the baby elephant at the zoo since it was born. We went with Grandma and grandpa Sawyer a couple of months ago but the baby elephant wasn't out for the public to see so I decided to take them with my sisters Callee and Stephanie. We had a fun time and we almost had the zoo to ourselves. I guess the zoo isn't a popular destination in the winter(something about the cold). We saw all the new babies that were born this year. Tigers, snow leopard, giraffe, elephant and many more. It was a fun day and at the end of our visit we stopped at the zoo cafe and tried the fried smores. It was pretty tasty.
Baylee measuring up to the gorillas

Callee, Brody, Me, and Baylee in front of the elephants. Brody, Stephanie, Baylee, and Callee by the giraffes

More Christmas

After our little christmas at home we went up to my parents house to exchange gifts with all my family. It was lots of fun up there. We saw Grandma and Grandpa Ivie there and then went to Grandma Bodily's house for lunch. After all the partying we took the kids to see Alvin and the chipmunks then penny watched the kids while Dallas and I went to see Sherlock Holmes. What a fun Christmas we had this year.


We had an awesome Christmas this year. With a lot of places to go and lots of Family to visit. Christmas Eve we went over to Grandma Penny's house for dinner and to open gifts. We had a yummy dinner together with our favorite honeybaked ham, baked beans, potatoes, and lots of other yummy sides. Brody and Baylee had lots of fun opening presents and had to help everyone else open theirs. They love going to see Grandma, Kaytlin and Ethan.

Dallas showing off some of his presents Brody and Baylee helping Uncle Ethan open his presents

Baylee opening her presents

Brody showing off his loot.

Christmas morning we had cinnamon rolls and opened presents from Santa and Grandpa and Grandpa Sawyer. The kids got new bikes from their grandparents and they were so excited when they saw them Christmas morning. Brody also got a train set and a soccer ball and baylee got a Strawberry shortcake house and dolls. Dallas was lucky this year and got a new tv, so exciting! He also got a heavy bag from his dad. I got a new camera and some clothes and a new coat. Santa and grandparents sure spoiled us this year.

Strawberry shortcake house and scooter.

Brody's train set

The new bikes. They love them.


I am new to this blogging thing but I love following blogs so I thought I would start my own. Hopefully I can keep it updated and do a little journaling to have something to look back on in the future. I don't really know how to do any of this stuff so hopefully I can figure it out quickly so I can make my blog interesting. Any comments or suggestions are more than welcome. Thanks.