The Sawyer Family

The Sawyer Family

Thursday, July 8, 2010

5th of July

On the 5th of July, a lot of the Family didn't have to work so my mom decided to rent a big waterslide and have a BBQ. The kids got to see their new cousin Cason and hold him. They thought he was so cute but they weren't to sure about holding him. He is such a cute little boy.

The slide was a little steeper than we thought it would be so Dallas had to catch the kids as they came down so they wouldn't go under the water at the bottom. They had so much fun.
After dinner we made homemade ice cream and then waited for it to get dark so that we could do fireworks.
Dallas and the kids doing sparklers and watching the other fireworks. What a fun weekend.

4th of July

We took the kids to the Centerville parade this year. There weren't very many kids sitting by us this year so the kids got to run out and get all the candy that came our way. All salt water taffy!!

After the parade we just went home and hung out  for a while then Grandma Penny came to the house to watch the kids and Dallas and I got to go to Stadium of Fire. Dallas got us tickets for my Birthday. I love the Stadium of Fire and I haven't been able to go for since before we got married so I was very excited to go. Carrie Underwood sang and the fireworks were awesome! I love you Dallas!! Thanks for the fun date night.

T-Ball Party

T-ball is officially done for the year and the Fox's did a little pizza party for everyone. It was so much fun. The wind was a little crazy but the kids didn't care. Brody was so excited to get his first trophy just like his uncle Jake. They also did team and individual pictures for them. They turned out awesome. Thanks for putting the teams together, we had so much fun!


                 Baylee jumping to Audrey
These 2 kids love to go swimming, so when my mom told us there was a swimming party we grabbed our suits and headed out the door. Aunt Audrey and uncle Jake swam with them while I chilled in the shade. They loved jumping off the diving board but they hated wearing their life jackets. We usually don't make them wear them but since I wasn't in the water I thought that would be safer.
Brody jumping to Jake 

They found these goggles at the pool and wanted to wear them the whole time they were swimming. Baylee was hilarious with hers, she was running around with them on like this the whole time.