The Sawyer Family

The Sawyer Family

Monday, June 28, 2010

Baylee's Birthday

Baylee turned 3 this week and we had a fun Birthday party with our family. She is such a fun girl and we love all the little things she does. She still doesn't have much hair but we just do pigtails everyday and she loves to pick out flowers and bows to clip into them. She loves to pretend like she is a mommy and she is going to be a great helper when her little sister comes.
Here is the birethday girl with her cake before the party.
Aunt Terra has been doing cakes for a little while now, so I asked her to help me make a fun cake for Baylee. We got together and she brought a bunch of fun things we could try out. Baylee was helping and so she got to help pick what she wanted on it. It turned out so fun and girly! Thanks Terra for helping me, she loved it.
Baylee blowing out her candles.
Me carrying out the Birthday cake. (I can't quite figure out this blogger thing so some of my pictures are in backwords order. Oh well.)

Baylee got some fun presents but her favorite one is her new vacuum. It was the only thing she asked for so I had to make sure she got one. It hasn't stopped running yet and it actually picks up a few crumbs off the floor so she loves filling it up with crumbs that she spills on purpose and then emptying the canister into the garbage. Now I just need to get her to quit dumping stuff out. Happy Birthday Baylee!! We love you!

Fireworks, Gateway, and the Drive-in

This past weekend we had a lot of fun with some friends. We had a BBQ and then went to the West Haven Fireworks. The kids loved the fireworks this time. Baylee hasn't loved them before this year but she just sat there wrapped in her blanket and watched them.

Me and Baylee watching the Fireworks. So much Fun!!

Last weekend there was a chalk festival at the Gateway so we took the kids up to see the awesome pictures and then to play in the water fountains. I think it is amazing what these artists can do with chalk on the sidewalk. I think it would be frustrating though, to spend so much time on something and then have it washed away.
This was the kids favorite picture, of course. We love Mickey Mouse!

Brody running around in the water and I had a pic of Baylee but now I can't find it.

We took the kids to the drive-in to see Toy Story 3. They love going to the movies and we thought it would be fun to see one outside, so we borrowed Uncle Ethans truck and loaded up. They had so much fun!
I took them to the store to pick out a treat before we left and Brody picked his favorite snickers bar and here he is chilling in the truck and munching on his bar.

Dallas and Baylee watching the movie. She is such a wiggle worm that she didn't really watch much of the movie but she had fun being there with her daddy.

Getting ready for the movie to start. I love these kids so much. They make me smile and laugh everyday.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Today I took the kids to Lagoon for my sister's work lagoon day. We went with my Mom and dad and my brother and sister. The kids haven't been before so they were very excited! It ended up being a little chili so we only stayed for a couple of hours but they had fun anyways.

My dad decided to race my mom on the race cars. He wan the first race and mom won the second race. It was fun watching them. Dad false started on the third race so I guess mom actually won two. Thanks for letting us go with you guys it was lots of fun.


Well I wasn't going to post this but I decided I would just to have a picture of it somewhere to remember. I was helping cook navajo tacos for sunday dinner and I reached up to get something out of the cupboard above the oil. When I grabbed it, it tipped a bag of brown sugar and it fell right into the oil. The hot oil splashed onto my arm and my sisters leg giving me this beautiful sore on my arm. Not very fun. It hurts but it could have been a lot worse.

Hill Air Force Base

We decided to take the kids to Hill Air Force Base to see all the airplanes. I have never actually been there before so it was kind of fun to finally go.
Brody and Baylee looking at the airplanes outside

Dressing up in the astronaut and pilot outfits in the kids area.

Trying out the seat in the jet

Dallas and Baylee in front of the SR-71

Dallas and Brody by another one of the planes

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

T-Ball Games

Brody is having so much fun playing t-ball. He loves being able to go play with a lot of the boys in his primary class.

Brody playing 3rd base. He is all ready to catch the ball when it comes his way. The funny part is that he thinks he is supposed to go get every ball that gets batted even if it is in the opposite end of the field. He will run for the ball and try to get it even if one of the other kids already got it. He usually jumps over the top of them and tackles them trying to get it. I guess he wants to include a little football in his t-ball.

Baylee watching Brody and cheering for him. She loves her big brother and loves to yell "Go Brody" as loud as she can. Then she wants to go play on the playground after she cheers for him.

Brody and his team all waiting for their turn to bat.

Brody up to bat.

Running to home plate.

Another turn at bat. In the 3rd inning of his 2nd game they tried pitching the ball to the kids. Brody hit the ball on the first pitch, he was so happy. I missed the picture because there were other kids standing in front of me when I was trying to take it but he did very good. He is sure having a fun time with t-ball and we are so glad that our friends put it all together for us.

Memorial Day

For Memorial Day this year we didn't really have any plans but we wanted to do something since Dallas had the day off so we decided to take the kids to IHOP for breakfast. We don't do this very often so the kids were really excited when we told them.

After breakfast we went up to Mueller Park in Bountiful and went on a little hike. The kids did really well on the hike. I am not really sure how far up we got because I have never done this hike before but we hiked up at the kids pace for about an hour and then they were ready to go back down. Brody took this picture of us by the river, he is getting pretty good at picture taking.

Baylee walked all but about 5 minutes of the hike. They took a good long nap after and then we went up to my Grandma B's for a little BBQ. It was a pretty fun day.