The Sawyer Family

The Sawyer Family

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

T-Ball Practice

Brody just started t-ball! He has been so excited for weeks since we told him he could play t-ball with some of his little friends in the neighborhood. He is to young for the city teams so when one of the moms in the area offered to put together some teams so these kids could play we signed him up. This is the first sport that he has gotten to play since we spaced soccer sign-ups. He got his mitt for easter and has been practicing ever since. We picked up his hat and shirt on Sunday and he just had to wear it right away. I couldn't get him to take it off, he even slept in it that night. What a funny kid!

Practicing catching some grounders

Batting! He has a pretty good swing.
Good hit buddy! Look at that determination.
It is going to be fun to see how these games go in the next couple weeks. Thanks Fox family for setting this all up. Brody is loving it!