The Sawyer Family

The Sawyer Family

Monday, March 22, 2010

On our Way

Just a little note, Sorry but these disney posts are pretty long, We had such an awesome time and I wanted to have this for myself as well as for others to read. So here we go, enjoy!

My awesome mom made these cute bags for all the kids to put treats, toys, and coloring books in for our trip down to Disneyland. She is so talented, each bag has slots to slide the books in and zipper pockets to put little stuff in so it doesn't fall out. The kids loved their bags and they helped so much on that long drive down.

Here are the kids ready to go. We usually drive down in one day but this time we took two days to drive. We weren't sure how the kids would do with an 11 hour drive, but they did great splitting it up.

We stopped in St. George for the night and had to make a stop at the Honda Shop to check out the motorcycles and 4-wheelers.

Sunday we went to church and just hung around the hotel. We went and walked around Downtown Disney for a few minutes and showed the kids Disneyland to get them even more excited for the next day.

Sunday night we watched the disneyland fireworks from the rooftop of our hotel. We had a pretty good view of them all.

Me, Terra, and the kids waiting for the fireworks.

Dallas and the kids in Downtown Disney

Disneyland Day 1

We are finally here. More than a year ago, my mom and dad gave all of my family a challenge to read the Book of Mormon together and another book called the Culpri and the Cure. We all accepted the Challenge and because we finished it before the end of 2009 they said they would take us all to Disneyland. We have been so excited to go and to take the kids for their first time. Monday was our first day and we spent the whole day in the disneyland park. It was so much fun!!! Ever since he was young and lived in California, Dallas and his family would go to Disneyland and the first thing they would do was go get Mickey cakes for breakfast. We have been keeping that tradition and we were not about to stop on Brody and Baylee's first time there. Here are the kids with their first official Mickey cakes.

Brody loves the Tarzan movie so of course we had to take him into Tarzan's Treehouse. He thought it was pretty cool but didn't want to hear the Jaguar roaring so he had to cover his ears.

Brody had to try on some Pirate Goofy ears.

Also in the tradition of Dallas' family, we always ride the Pirates ride first. After that we can do whatever we want, We just have to have pancakes and ride pirates first.

We went on the Jungle Cruise while some of the big kids went on the Indiana Jones Ride. These kids and their funny faces, one day I will get a real smile out of them on camera.

We have been listening to music from the Tiki Room everyday for a month, the kids love singing along so of course we had to take them to the real thing. We got pineapple ice cream and went in for the show. The kids loved it, except for the storm.

We had to go see Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and Eeyore.

We stopped for some lunch and Brody was so tired that he was falling asleep while he was eating

Brody and Dallas went on Splash Mountain, Baylee was just a little to small for it and since I am pregnant I couldn't ride either. I was a little sad because this is one of my favorite rides but I knew I would have to skip a few things to keep the baby safe so I will just have to wait til next time. You can't see them but this is the boat they were on, Brody loved it!!

We were on our way with the whole group to see the Captein EO show, when we saw Buzz Lightyear. He is Brody's favorite so we told everyone else to go ahead and we would stay here so he could get an autograph and picture with Buzz.

Here is Brody and Baylee climbing all over the rocks waiting for the Nemo submarine ride.
Dallas and Brody riding the Spaceships

My pics got a little out of order but here are the kids dancing in the Street party parade, They had so much fun being included in it. They got to go out twice and dance with all the dancers.We got a fun surprise part way through our first day in Disneyland. Grandpa Jon and uncle Ethan, Dallas' dad and brother came to Disneyland too. We thought they were in Florida going to Disneyworld and then all of the sudden we saw them waiting for us. They stayed with us for the resat of the day and we all had a lot of fun. We were definately not expecting them.

Grandpa Jon got Baylee a princess wand and Brody a Pirate Gun. They both love their prizes.

Grandpa Jon with Baylee
Grandpa Jon and Brody

At the end of the day we went down and had dinner at the ESPN zone. One of Dallas' favorite places to eat while in California. The whole day was a lot of fun.

Day 2 Disney's California Adventure

For our second day in Disneyland we wanted to go to the California Adventure side. So here is Brody and Baylee waiting for the bus ride over to the park. They were so excited to be able to finally wear their princess and pirate costume. Here we are at the end of the day in the big California letters. This was the only one that didn't have people in it already.
At the entrance to the park.

Our little princess just hanging out in her stroller. She loved wearing her little sunglasses.
Brody and Dallas playing around by the Midway Mania ride. These boys have so much fun together.

All the boys went to ride the Midway Mania again so we got some drinks to cool down a little. Baylee got a little heat rash so she needed to get out of the sun for a bit.
Jake with Brody, Alissa, Chase, and Gavin in the ladybug ride. These boys love their uncle Jake.

Jake and Baylee riding Hiemlich the caterpillar.

Me and Baylee waiting for the Bug's Life Show. She liked most of the show but was scared by some of it. Brody was asleep for part of it so he didn't have any glasses to take a picture with us.

Me and the kids with Jessie.

Dinner @ Goofy's Kitchen

Tuesday night Mom and Dad took us out to dinner at Goofy's Kitchen. It was so much fun!! This is everyone that came. We all had such a fun time. All the characters come around to your table and take time with the kids, they thought it was pretty awesome. Our little family with Pluto, the kids were to busy watching pluto to look at the camera.

Baylee and Brody with Minnie Mouse. Baylee loves her!
During your meals, they come over the loudspeaker and announce for all the kids to coome help Goofy so they all run down to this open area and get to dance with Goofy to some fun music.

Baylee wanted to dance with Minnie. She was holding her hand the whole time, it was too cute!

Jake, Audrey, Brody, and Baylee with Princess Aurora.

The second time they called the kids down, Baylee saw Snow white and just stood and talked to her the whole time. She didn't even care about dancing. I have no idea what she was talking about but Baylee thought it was much more important than dancing.

Me and Baylee with Snow White, when she came to our table Baylee was acting shy and wouldn't say anything, what a funny girl.
Goofy came by and was so fun with Brody. He probably played around with him for 5 minutes. He was teasing him then Brody gave him a nuggie. They were laughing and having such a great time. This is definately something I hope we can do again.

Baylee went over and gave Grandma and Grandpa a big hug to tell them thank you for taking us to dinner.

She loves her Grandpa!!
Jake and Brody with Dale