The Sawyer Family

The Sawyer Family

Sunday, February 6, 2011


My mom and dad were going bowling for family night and Dallas was working late so we asked if we could tag along. We went down to Fat Cats in Ogden and it was so much fun.
The kids got to use the little ramp to help them bowl, they thought that was pretty cool.

Brody thought he could throw the ball without the help of the ramp, just look at that form. It would take forever for the ball to get to the pins but he did pretty good, he even got a strike!

Brody hanging out with Jake waiting for his next turn.
                                               Baylee waiting with uncle Jesse

 These kids love their Grandma and Grandpa so much. We love that we live close enough to be able to see them so much. Thanks for letting us tag along to go bowling we had a ton of fun!

 There was a guy going around doing balloon characters for all the kids at the bowling alley. Baylee got this cute little puppy and Brody got a rifle that I didn't get a picture of. What a fun family night!

Bubble Bath

We love our new house and one of our favorite things is our jetted tub. I don't let them do this very often but they love when we let them have a bubble bath in it. We turn on the jets for a few minutes and let the bubbles get crazy and they play in them forever.
Here is Brody trying to get as many bubbles as he can to stick to his face. 
 Baylee loves helping give Zoe a bath. It got a little crazy but they had fun. We love bath time!

Snow Day

The kids wanted to get outside so I took them over to the school the go sledding. Brody got to use this fun little snowboard, he did pretty well on it but it was a pain to get on and off so I had to keep carrying him back up the hill so he could go again. I got quite a workout from that.

 Baylee decided she didn't need a sled and kept sliding down the hill on her bum. Those snow pants worked pretty well, she had a blast sliding down and running back up to go again.
 Audrey came with us and we had a lot of fun with her. What a fun snow day!

Hogle Zoo

We got a zoo pass for Christmas so I thought we should get some use out of it. The zoo had a Cats and Cocoa day where they had some fun stuff going on up at the tiger exhibit. The tigers were all over the place, usually they just lay around so it was fun to see them a little more active. 
 Uncle Jake and aunt Audrey went with us, it was pretty chilly but we had fun anyway. Brody and Baylee love hanging out with their aunt and uncle and they sure look up to them.
                                                                 Brody and Jake
                                                            Audrey and Baylee
 We all got free hot chocolate so we sat down to drink it, it sure warmed us up on that cold day.
 Every time we go to see the gorillas they scare my kids. I thought we would try again to try to get the kids to like seeing them, that was not a good idea. We walked into the exhibit and first we saw the orangutans, they were all sleeping and being lazy so the kids were okay with it for a minute then we walked over by the gorillas and the male was standing on all fours staring at another guy that was in there with us, we stood there and watched for a few seconds when all of the sudden he yelled out and pounded on the glass. It scared us so bad, the kids were screaming and crying. I think I might have scarred them for life. It really was so scary, I was glad that glass held up the way the gorilla was pounding on it, I wonder what made him so mad. This is the picture I got after, Brody was still crying he wanted to get away from that thing.
 And here is Zoe just chilling out in the stroller, she slept most of the time all bundled up. I just love this little girl so much! She is so happy and easy going. What a beautiful baby girl!
Hopefully we will have lots more zoo days this year but I will have to pick warmer days so we can stay longer.


Well I finally found a preschool for Brody to go to, I guess it is better late than never. I had actually checked into this same one when we moved and it was full but I found out in December that a few kids had moved or quit so we were able to get him in for the rest of the year. He was so excited when I told him I found a preschool to go to. 
Here he is on his first day! He was so excited to go in I couldn't get him to look at the camera long enough to get a picture, what a funny kid.

Three Weeks into school and he got to go on a field trip to the Hill Aerospace Museum.
We went last summer and he was so excited to go back to see all the airplanes again. 
Here he is with some of his little classmates. He already has a little girlfriend and it is so cute to see them running around and playing together. He told me today that he is going to marry her when he get home from his mission.
 Here is our little fighter pilot, he love the play room where they get to dress up and play in the different simulators. I was glad I could go with him on his first field trip.