The Sawyer Family

The Sawyer Family

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Weber State Fireworks

We never used to go to these fireworks but the last couple of years we started going and it is becoming a fun little tradition. We all met at my sister's house then walked up. Everyone brought snacks and we all sat and visited while the kids played and waited for the fireworks to start.
My cute family. I love these people so much!

Baylee hanging out with her Daddy.
Me and the kiddos
And we won't leave out this bundle of cuteness.
Just love that smile. 

Birthday Party

Since Brody and Baylee's birthday's are so close together, and they have a lot of the same friends, we asked them if they would like to have their birthdays together and they said yes so we planned it all out. They had so much fun playing on their new swingset, on the slip and slide, and playing with their friends.
          Having some dinner and getting ready for cake. What a fun birthday, we had so much fun!

Callee's Wedding

My sister got married in July and we all got dressed up for the occasion. Her colors looked so nice in my parents backyard the bride was beautiful.
 Daddy and his little girl. I just love pictures of this amazing man I married, with his girls. He is such an amazing, loving father and I know he will always be a big part of who they are.

 Such a funny expressionon on this little one. She was ready to be put down so she could get into some trouble.

4th of July

This year, on the 4th of July, we missed all the parade fun because of a flat tire but we got it all fixed up and were able to go watch the fireworks with the family that night. We all met up early to sit and do our own fun little fireworks then sat with lots of friends and family to watch the show.
Kids are always mesmerized by the sparklers

Aunt Terra had some smokeballs for the kids to try out. They thought they were very stinky but had fun with them.

 I just love the smile this girl gives us every day! It makes me smile just as big everytime.

                         Zoe and Grandma Valerie. We love spending time with all our families.


This year we decided to get the kids a swingset for their birthdays. They desperately needed something to do outside to get them out of the house and I think it was a wise decision. They have spent so much time out there playing with each other and friends. We had 2 boxes that had to be set out and put together. It was a lot of work but they are loving it so I guess it was worth it. 
 Waiting for everything to be put together, Baylee fell asleep in the grass. It is hard to wait when you are excited for something.
 The final set up. So much fun!! It is so much more fun to have something to do when you go outside to play. You can only blow so many bottles of bubbles and draw so many pictures on the sidewalk before you start looking for something else to do. This was the perfect solution.
 Even the little Zoe loves it. She loves hanging on the monkey bar, playing peek-a-boo behind the wall and going down the slide. She can even climp up the ladder by herself(with mom behind to make sure she doesn't fall down).

No Training Wheels!!

We finally talked Brody into trying his bike without the training wheels and after just a few days of working on we now have a 2 wheeler riding boy. He is loving riding up and down the sidewalk in front of our houseand he loves going down hills.

Visit to Colorado

We got to go to Colorado in the end of June to visit Grandpa Jon and Grandma Diane and meet their new daughters that they adopted. We had a great time with them and would have only wished that grandma didn't have to work most of the time so that we could have spent more time with her as well. I took a ton of pictures of the girls and the time we spent at the farm but for some reason I didn't take many at the house or with Grandma. I feel so bad about that. Thanks for being so awesome and letting us stay at your home. We had a great time visiting. The next few posts are all about our trip but I am sure I didn't do them in the right order. Oh well!